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Accessible specialty

Accessible specialty
Jose Eduardo Bernardes considers that climate during harvest time and the modernization of management and machinery are essential points for obtaining high-quality coffees. Investments and research do not stop there, he is developing new processing methods to meet the increasingly demanding consum..
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Tizita Bizuneh is Israel Degfa’s wife, a very successful producer that we have worked with for a long time, owning many washing stations. Apart from the fact that Bonde Kochere is owned by her, the washing station is entirely run by woman managers. It is nearly impossible for Ethiopia to have the ..
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Raul Sanchez of Finca Loma Alta is a leader in the coffee community of Jalapa, and this outstanding farm produces some of the best coffees we’ve had from that region. Because water can be scarce in Jalapa, Raul’s coffee is delivered to us as cherry the same day that it is picked. These lots are rema..
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