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Filters for Aeropress
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Genuine micro-filters for the AeroPress coffee maker that have been designed to remove grit for a smoother cup of coffee. Additional Info:350 single use paper filtersMade in USA..
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Filters for V60 (V02)
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Designed by Hario for the use in the V60 Coffee Dripper. Fits perfectly in the pour-over the cone to filter out coffee particles.Additional Info:100 single use paper filtersMade in Japan..
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The version of the Hario Mini-Slim Mill is the newer ‘Plus’ edition. Although very similar to the original, it features some upgrades including a more attractive smoke-grey look and a reinforced hexagonal handle attachment which is less likely to strip with age. It also has an adjustable grind setti..
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Great quality scales designed for coffee making. Accurate scales and built in timer. Designed for drip and espresso brew methods.Hario V60 scales are an essential part of a barista’s armoury that will help you to emulate professional brewing at home; follow a precise coffee recipe and enjoy an award..
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The AeroPress coffee maker is engineered to fuel an active lifestyle. It gives coffee lovers everything they need to conveniently brew superb coffee anywhere they want. The original AeroPress is perfect for brewing filter extractions, American,os espresso, and cold brew style coffee that can be enjo..
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A great Hario Starter Kit, the V60 Craft Coffee Kit features everything you’ll need to start making great tasting coffee.Includes: 1x 02 Plastic V60 Dripper1x 600ml Server1x Pack of 40 (02) filter papers1x ScoopMaterials:Borosilicate glass serverPolypropylene dripperAdditional Info:Dishwasher S..
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