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True coffee aficionados will know that coffee greatness is found in a consistent brewing technique – that includes the right amount of coffee and timing. For achieving this kind of results you will need a scale like Brewista Smart Scale II, which has the ability to control both variab..
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Genuine micro-filters for the AeroPress coffee maker that have been designed to remove grit for a smoother cup of coffee. Additional Info:350 single use paper filtersMade in USA..
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Designed by Hario for the use in the V60 Coffee Dripper. Fits perfectly in the pour-over the cone to filter out coffee particles.Additional Info:100 single use paper filtersMade in Japan..
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The version of the Hario Mini-Slim Mill is the newer ‘Plus’ edition. Although very similar to the original, it features some upgrades including a more attractive smoke-grey look and a reinforced hexagonal handle attachment which is less likely to strip with age. It also has an adjustable grind setti..
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The AeroPress coffee presser is an innovative brewing method that is simple and effective in keeping the full body and complex flavours of coffee.Includes: AeroPress350 microfiltersFilter holderCoffee scoopFunnelStirrerAdditional Info:Non-toxic plasticMade in USA..
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A great Hario Starter Kit, the V60 Craft Coffee Kit features everything you’ll need to start making great tasting coffee.Includes: 1x 02 Plastic V60 Dripper1x 600ml Server1x Pack of 40 (02) filter papers1x ScoopMaterials:Borosilicate glass serverPolypropylene dripperAdditional Info:Dishwasher S..
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