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Bialetti Moka Express 2 cups

Bialetti Moka Express 2 cups
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Bialetti Moka Express 2 cups
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Moka Express is the most classic model made by Bialetti, the world's leading manufacturer of coffee makers. This is the coffee pot that made the Italian manufacturer famous in 1930s. To this day it is the most popular Moka model in the world, as more than 200 million pots have been produced so far.

Bialetti Moka Express is suitable to brew 2 cups at a time (approx. 90 ml). The total capacity is 100 ml.


This cast aluminum coffee pot impresses with its quality. The classic body, unchanged for decades, will make an original element of every kitchen. The knob and additional handle made of black plastic provide comfortable handling and serving when your coffee is ready. 


Bialetti Moka Express is suitable for gas or electric hobs. Put the product on the hob so that the handle is beyond the reach of heat.

Wash your coffee pot by hand, without any detergents. Not dishwasher safe.

How does Moka work?

The coffee maker constists of a top sealed tank, a filter and a bottom tank. Put ground coffee in the filter, pour water into the bottom tank below the safety valve level and connect all the elements. Put the coffee pot on the stove and wait a few minutes. Hot water moves to the top tank, flowing through the coffee.

Made in Italy.

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