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Colombia Las Delicias 60H Fermentation

Colombia Las Delicias 60H Fermentation
Colombia Las Delicias 60H Fermentation
Colombia Las Delicias 60H Fermentation
Colombia Las Delicias 60H Fermentation
Colombia Las Delicias 60H Fermentation
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Coffee Info
Flavor profile Guava, mango, banana bread, cocoa nibs, raspberry, tamarind candy
Origin Colombia
Region Santa Maria, Huila
Producers Yesid Castañeda Marin
Farm Finca Las Delicias
Altitude 2000 masl
Varietal Castillo, Colombia, Caturra
Processing Natural, 60 hours Fermentation
Roasting Profile
Omni perfect balanced for espresso and filter extractions

Unless your bring your own car, you would have to ride one of the dairy trucks that climb the steep mountains of northern Huila to reach Las Delicias finca, located in the municipality of Santa Maria. At Las Delicias at 2,000meters, it has been possible to cultivate the Caturra variety, which is a higher altitude than the average in Colombia, which ranges between 1,200 and 1,800 meters.

Up there at 18 ° C, Yesid Castañeda has taken advantage of the fertility of the land, rich in organic matter, with high permeability and high water retention capacity, in order to produce a coffee characterized by it’s 60 hour fermentation and the use of the parabolic dryer. Yesid Castañeda is constantly learning new skills and participates in as many training sessions as he can. He even invites his neighbors to observe his experimental processing techniques and learn together. Yesid’s decision to build and use a parabolic drying method responds to the usual rains at San Maria, that in many occasions cause the overflow of the rivers that come from the springs at the top of the Nevado Volcano of Huila at 5,365 meters and cross the entire region.The parabolic dryer is constructed from cement on wood surface that is covered with a plastic structure, functioning as a greenhouse and covering the bean the necessary time to be fully dry, plus, the system allows internal circulation of air across the whole structure and takes advantage of the sun light, increasing it’s effectiveness.

The prolonged fermentation phase and natural drying in cherry enhances the exotic fruit notes of this lot that is both sweet and complex in profile. Full-bodied, smooth, with lively meidium acidity, it carries a cake like sweetness paired with mango, ripe banana and papaya for a wild yet nuanced and fragrant cup.

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