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Colombia Monteblanco Coconut Lemonade

Colombia Monteblanco Coconut Lemonade
Colombia Monteblanco Coconut Lemonade
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Colombia Monteblanco Coconut Lemonade
Colombia Monteblanco Coconut Lemonade
Colombia Monteblanco Coconut Lemonade
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Coffee Info
Flavor profile Coconut, lime, tuberose, black currant, vanilla; Juicy
Origin Colombia
Region Huila
Producer Rodrigo Sanchez
Farm Finca Monteblanco
Altitude 1730 m.a.s.l.
Varietal(s) Caturra Purpura
Processing 180H Coconut Lemonade Co-Fermentation
Roasting Profile
Omni perfect balanced for espresso and filter extractions
Finca Monteblanco is a family-run farm managed by Rodrigo Sanchez Valencia. The 14-hectare farm is located in the Huila region at 1730 meters of altitude. They are focused on high quality lots that are often chosen for competitions. We have had previously from them a beautiful double fermented Pink Bourbon lot so we knew we are in for a treat when we requested this coconut lemonade-infused coffee.

For this process, Purple Caturra was chosen for its versatility in the preparation of any process, thanks to its higher concentration of Brix degrees, added to this it has a great sweetness material that allows microorganisms to have an optimal area to work, where they extract some of them, such as lactobacillus and saccharomyces cerevisiae, then they begin to be cultivated separately before incorporating them into coffee, giving way to a large scale where a significant volume is produced. By having these microorganisms already separated, a part of them is removed to another new crop, the fruit is added to which we as producers want to induce the coffee to give that flavor at the end, that is, to separate a mass of 80 liters by a 200-liter container of that mother crop to which we have already added fruit and citrus juices, in addition to this process we add dehydrated coconut, with this it is brought to Brix degrees equal to the degrees that coffee already brings; It takes 8 days for this mother culture to reach its optimum state, which is summed up in 190 hours of fermentation for the culture to process together with the fruit until obtaining the appropriate pH and Brix degrees to enter the coffee.

In the case of this process, such as natural coconut lemonade, they separate the microorganisms and add the citrus fruits, then it begins to ferment and the mother culture begins to be fed with some energizing base, such as molasses, sugar or panela, providing it with the energy to for the microorganisms to work, little by little it is fed with fruit and sweets until it achieves the preparation of the culture that is already fermented and with an excellent load of microorganisms.

Subsequently, the coffee that is collected is taken, Brix degrees are measured as soon as the batch arrives at the reception site such as the hopper or floating place, and 100 grains of the coffee mass are taken to know the Brix degrees in which they are, They float and eliminate impurities and then proceed to deposit inside the fully sealed 200-liter plastic cans, pour the coffee cherries and apply the 80 liters of the solution that is already prepared and comes with the fruit or flavor that they want to infuse with.

The coffee is incorporated and it is placed to ferment for 180 more hours. They continue this until the Brix degrees do not fall below 6 and the pH does not drop below 4. They have discovered this balance point for the coffee and to be able to highlight notes of the fruit, not wanting it to be an invasive flavor so as not to alter or contaminate the coffee flavor but rather carry the notes of the fruits that they are inducing and fermenting, without forgetting that the main base for the preparation is coffee.

This process is named after the fruit because we as well as the producers firmly believe in the ethics and truth that takes place within these wonderful processes. In addition, Caturra Purpura is a variety exclusively grown by them and it has made the people who have lived and grown with the farm make a difference from the outside to the inside of this beautiful tree.

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