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Brazil Água Limpa

Brazil Água Limpa
Brazil Água Limpa
Brazil Água Limpa
Brazil Água Limpa
Brazil Água Limpa
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Coffee Info
Flavor profileHazelnuts, prunes, milk chocolate
ProducerMr. Paulo Roberto Figueiredo
FarmFazenda Água Limpa
Altitude1100 m.a.s.l.
Varietal(s)Obatã, Mundo Novo
Roasting Profile

The name of the farm, Água Limpa, means Clean Water, due to the abundance of springs and ponds in the area of the farm.

Água Limpa farm is held as a family business, where Mr. Paulo Roberto shared the passion for coffee with his wife and sons.

His oldest son is the Chief Agronomist of the farm, and together with Mr. Paulo Roberto they take the decisions related to coffee practises which varies in an enormous amount, such as: when to prune or cut the older trees, when to plant new trees, deciding which coffee varieties will be used, if they will expand coffee crops to new areas of the farms, which new technologies should be implemented, which coffee plots will be harvested first, etc. In the meanwhile, all the Financial decision have to pass by the analysis of Mr. Paulo Roberto’s wife who is the manager of the farm’s Finance Department.

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