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Ethiopia Gelana Gesha

Ethiopia Gelana Gesha
Ethiopia Gelana Gesha
Ethiopia Gelana Gesha
Ethiopia Gelana Gesha
Ethiopia Gelana Gesha
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Coffee Info
Flavor profile Jasmine, Apricot, Pink Grapefruit
Origin Ethiopia
Region Yirgacheffe
Producers Israel Degfa
Farm Gelana Dry Mill
Altitude 1500 - 1750 masl
Varietal Gesha
Processing Natural
Roasting Profile
Omni perfect balanced for espresso and filter extractions

Widely considered the birthplace of coffee, 98% of Ethiopian coffee is still produced by smallholder farmers today. The nuances across producers, variety, and landscape mean Ethiopia is widely considered one of the most exciting and delicious origins in the world. Beautiful landscapes at high-altitude coffee farms, outstanding coffees and a kaleidoscope of cultures. Ethiopia is a very special place in every coffee lover’s heart.

This coffee is produced on Israel’s private Gelana farm, Yirgacheffe region. The Gelana Dry Mill is very labour intensive with 500 raised beds, 48 permanent staff and approximately 500 members of temporary staff during the harvest season. 

The Gelana coffee farm covers 1.5 hectares of coffee cultivation with much of the farm running under greenhouse conditions. In this greenhouse, every agronomist practice is computer controlled using smart techniques. The farm acts as a starting point for many of Israel’s new variety experiments and helps to improve uniform growth for coffee seedlings. 

Geisha is known for its exceptional cup quality, especially when grown at high altitudes. The variety comes from Ethiopian landrace coffees and was collected from Ethiopian coffee forests in the 1930s. The name supposedly derives from Ethiopia’s Gori Gesha forest. 

The natural process adds rich complexity to the floral and fresh character Geisha coffees are known for.

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