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This lot comes from Gargary Gutity washing station in Yirgacheffe coffee region, Gediyo zone at 22 km from Gedeb town. The washing station sits at 1983 m.a.s.l. and is surrounded by the Gutity river. Farmers in this region typically cultivate JARC varieties on small plots of land around their house...
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Lizana Morales Grimanes and Marcelino Chinguel have dedicated their lives to coffee farming and they now have more than four decades of experience. Despite their extensive knowledge, they remain open to new ideas and perspectives. After a devastating plague wiped out an entire coffee crop, Marcelino..
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Just north-west of Butare in the Kbumbwe sector, Bwenda occupies a small area of between 2-3 ha. Established by Rwanda Traiding Company in 2019, Bwenda is named after the cell of land it’s on. It’s manager, Eric, resides in nearby Huwe and has been the manager since RTC took ownership. Thanks to the..
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