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Premium lots
This coffee was chosen in Spring 2023, when Teodora visited Typica in New York and met Biniyam Aklilu.Biniyam, the producer of this coffee, was born in Addis Ababa, the capital of Ethiopia. When he was nine, he moved to Guji, where he spent three years. With frequent visits to his family’s and relat..
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Though coffee growing had a relatively late start in Kenya, the industry has gained and maintained a impressive reputation. Since the start of production, Kenyan coffee has been recognized for its high-quality, meticulous preparation and exquisite flavors. Today, more than 600,000 smallholders ..
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In the contemporary global coffee industry, Papua New Guinea is wholly unique both in how coffee is harvested and exported from the country. While there are some estates and plantations, most coffee production comes from smallholder farmers, each with around one-two hectares of land called “gardens”..
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