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About Us

SLOANE Specialty Coffee Roastery is one of the places that put Romania and Bucharest on the specialty coffee map. Founded and managed by Teodora Pitis, a certifiable coffee enthusiast and one of the two Q Graders in Bucharest, the roastery is internationally renowned and awarded being present on the shelves of coffee shops in more than 20 countries and placing as high as 2nd place in the World Coffee Roasting Championship.

SLOANE's name is a homage for Sir Hans Sloane and Issac Newton who were among the early promoters of coffee and coffee shops in the world, Newton even declaring coffee as “the philosopher’s stone”. We took inspiration from this story where Sloane should also receive praise for his contribution in the coffee industry as roasteries are sometimes the unseen hand in the coffee chain. A more modern explanation for the term SLOANE can be a slang term for sophisticated or highly educated from British english.
 SLOANE is going the extra mile by selecting lots at the forefront of coffee experimenting and development. In that we strongly rely on our network of green traders and farmers with which we developed strong partnerships by spending and investing a great deal of time, trust and mutual respect.