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We have the pleasure to present to you a sweet coffee without acidity, being our recommendation for those who are at the beginning of their foray into the world of specialty coffee. This coffee is from Serra Negra owned by Jose Eduardo Bernardes, the same farm we had our most appreciated experi..
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Jorge Barakat became a coffee grower by chance more than 30 years ago. Despite the great challenges in his first harvest, he has already reached excellent quality standards, selling his coffee to Italian roasters, which really motivated him to continue. Over the years, he overcame the challenges of ..
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There are 2,685 smallholders living around Gatara, Burundi who deliver their cherry to Gakenke washing station. We are excited to import this coffee from our in-country partner Greenco. In addition to operating 13 washing stations in Burundi and processing excellent coffee, Greenco is also working..
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This limited edition release celebrates the winter flavours we all loved by skilfully infusing them into specialty coffee. Both lots comes from Felipe and Carlos Arcila, the brothers who started their own export company to fairly trade the coffee that the family has been producing for over 80 years..
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This Beginning in 1930, Israel Correa and Carmen Rosa Vega arrived in Valle del Cauca seeking unoccupied land to start a farm, acquiring Potosi. Over the upcoming years, there weren’t major changes in their way of life, besides of raising a big family which was the Colombian tradition in those day..
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Fincamigos is an experimental farm run by Cafexport. The farm serves as a demo plot where they develop methods for cultivating exotic coffee varieties and explore ways to cultivate coffee in more socially and environmentally sustainable ways. This lot is comprised of the very rare, lowcaffeinated L..
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Hacienda Candelaria lies about 50km in NorthWest of San Jose, near the town of Palmares in Alajuela, West Valley. The 60 hectare estate was established in 1965 by Otto Kloeti and still today is managed as a family business. The family Estate Hacienda Candelaria is moving towards high quality proce..
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There are many reasons one might have to look for a decaffeinated coffee, most of them health related. Decaffeinated coffee has a bad reputation but there are many processes that can be used to get the caffeine out that are healthy and safe and do not take the coffee flavours with it. As it is the..
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Lombardia has been part of the Ruffatti proprieties since 1970. The Finca is in a middle elevation area always surrounded by lots of other farms since the profit from coffee decreased dramatically and most of the properties have been abandoned. At that point all coffee and shade trees from these far..
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This coffee is from a privately owned communal wet mill in Adola, collecting cherries from various smallholders. The washing station is owned by Israel Degfa. A few years ago, Israel, who was a 30-year-old Ethiopian willing to change how things work got together with other exporters to create a di..
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Tizita Bizuneh is Israel Degfa’s wife, a very successful producer that we have worked with for a long time, owning many washing stations. Apart from the fact that Bonde Kochere is owned by her, the washing station is entirely run by woman managers. It is nearly impossible for Ethiopia to have the ..
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Danisa is the name of a sub kebele (Hamlet) where this group of 37 farmers are located. The average farm size of each member is 3.35 hectares. The coffee grows under a canopy of natural forest, much like most of Guji Coffees in the area. The fertile red land is made of Clay and Loam. All of thes..
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