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Hario Mini-Slim Plus Coffee Grinder

Hario Mini-Slim Plus Coffee Grinder
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Hario Mini-Slim Plus Coffee Grinder
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The version of the Hario Mini-Slim Mill is the newer ‘Plus’ edition. Although very similar to the original, it features some upgrades including a more attractive smoke-grey look and a reinforced hexagonal handle attachment which is less likely to strip with age. It also has an adjustable grind setting making it suitable for most brew methods. Some find the adjustment process on this particular grinder easier so if you need to change settings frequently, this manual grinder could be the one for you!


  • Extremely light-weight & portable
  • Provides a consistent grind at all levels
  • Easily adjustable grind setting
  • Can fit up to 24g of coffee in the hopper at a time (more with some coffees)
  • Reinforced hexagonal handy lock adaptor

Additional Info:

  • Non-toxic plastic
  • Made in Japan

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