Brazil Santiago

Flavour profile: Nectarine, Cashew Nuts, Nutmeg, Vanilla, Milk Chocolate




Alto Paranaiba, Cerrado


Elmiro Nascimento


Fazenda Santiago


1150 masl


Yellow Catuai


Pulped- Natural

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Elmiro was previously mayor in Patos de Minas, where the farm is located. In 2019, Nascimento was among the top 3 winners of the 28th Ernesto Illy Award for Sustainable Espresso Coffee in Brazil, making him one of the pioneers in promoting the quality of Alto Paranaiba in Cerrado. This Yellow Catuai lot is processed as pulped-natural, a type of processing that was pioneered in Brazil around twenty years ago, where it was originally called Cereja Descascada or “peeled cherry”. This is because the process involves removing the skin of the fruit before letting the coffee dry with almost all of the pulp still on the beans. This method is all about separating ripe fruits and highlighting the sweetness of the coffee-making pulped naturals a consistent aromatic beverage with superior quality. One of the biggest advantages of this process is that, by removing dried and green beans, you increase the cup quality and decrease the possibility of defects. However, when compared to the natural process, it’s more expensive and requires a larger amount of water. These coffees normally have the body of a natural coffee and the sweetness and clarity of washed coffees.


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