Colombia Arhuaco Tribe

Flavor profile: Chocolate, Hazelnut, Apple, Juicy, Creamy body




Sierra Nevada de Santa Matia


Arhuaco Tribe


Arhuaco Tribe


1600 - 2000 masl


Caturra, Castillo, Typica



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We discovered this coffee after running into Rodolfo Ruffatti (who is producing and exporting our El Salvador lots) at Berlin World of Coffee who told us about this amazing project they started with the Arhuaco tribe and their organic coffees. For now, this tribe is selling their coffees mainly on the commodity market, sometimes they even sell their organic coffee as conventional as they have not been able to connect with enough clients. Rodolfo’s goal, through his producing and exporting company, Productor Coffee, is first to help them improve quality and then to connect them with roasters who want to support them.
We are happy to be part of this project and we understand the importance of supporting the Arhuaco people. They are one of the few tribes in the Americas never to be conquered by the Spanish. Fortunately, their mountain range goes up to an incredible height of 5,700 meters, so when things got tough, they went up the mountain and survived. The Sierra Nevada, where they live, is a unique microcosm. It is an independent mountain range, unconnected to the rest of Colombia’s mountains, it is a triangle, which rises from the Caribbean Sea up to the sky, where you find every possible climate found on Earth, from tropical beaches up to permanent snow at the top. We believe they have all the conditions to produce amazing coffees and we hope our support is going to help them in this process.



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