Colombia Chaman

Flavor profile: Chocolate truffles, Sour cherry, Red Apple, Acacia Honey






30 Small Farmers


from San Agustin Region


1600 - 1850 masl


Colombia, Caturra, Castillo


Washed at each farmer's home

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This lot is sourced by our friend and partner Rodofo Ruffatti (who is producing and exporting our El Salvador lots) who wanted to valorise the very small (some less than a bag, so less than 70kgs) but great quality lots of some small producers who wold otherwise have to sell their coffees for way less that their worth. He decided to do a regional blend by selecting only the 86+ SCA points coffees from very small producers in one of the highest parts of Huila, around San Agustin. This town is famous for its archeological park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site with has the largest collection of ancient mythical-religious rock sculptures in Latin America, including the “Shaman Bat” a sculpture of an ancient Bat-Man figure. This gives this regional blend its name, Chaman, in Spanish.
The lots are blended post processing, each farmer doing it’s own processing. Each farmer’s home has its own depulper and drying area so after harvest the coffee is depulped by the farmer and its family, dry-ferments in a tank overnight and then it’s washed and dried at home. The area being very small, the coffee varietals just a few and the cultivating methods similar, the blend is very uniform and the added attention each farmer gives to his small crop can be felt in the rich and balanced flavour profile.


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