Guatemala La Nueva Honey

Flavor profile:  Chocolate – hazelnut spread flavour with hints of nutmeg. Blood orange acidity and black currant after-taste. Overall juicy and sweet.




Santa Ana la Montaña


Ovidio Garcia Monterroso


Finca La Nueva


1750 masl


Catuai, Pache, Typica, Catimor



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*All bags will be shipped as whole beans. Please mention in order notes if you want it grinded.
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Ovidio Garcia lives with his wife and three children and runs the La Nueva Farm. Inspired by new ideas and visions for his coffee, he decided to call his farm “The New”, reflecting the new start he was going to make. It was in 1987 when he planted his first coffee trees and he has been working and improving his farm ever since. When he was young, he already used to go and work as a coffee picker on other farms in the region, often together with his father. Last year, he started processing his coffee into honeys and naturals, something that he is really excited about. Water sources are scarce in this region and therefore it is challenging for most producers to process washed coffee. So, he decided to turn need into a virtue and dive into the challenging process making honeys and naturals. And with success! Also, he has won several prices in regional competitions with his coffees. We feel very proud to be working with such a dedicated producer.


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