Guatemala La Montaña

Flavor profile: Juicy, Raspberry, Tropical fruits with distinct Mango, Creme Brulee , Silky body






Selvin Garcia


La Montaña


1600 - 1750 masl


Caturra, Catuai, Pache, Bourbon, Mundo Novo


Fully Washed

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The name of Selvin’s farm, La Montaña, comes from its location on the hill of the green mountains of the village of El Pajal and El Coyegual. The climate at the farm is excellent for producing quality with high altitude and the right amount of sunlight. Selvin Garcia is a fourth-generation coffee producer in San Antonio Huista in the Huehuetenango region. Before the harvest Selvin makes sure all his equipment like the depulper are clean and ready for the harvest. Additionally, he takes part in the post-harvest training workshops and educates his pickers to pick only the ripest cherries. The cherries are picked and depulped the same day, fermented with water for 36 hours and washed. Selvin’s coffee is soaked another 18 hours in clean water and eventually dried on patios in the sun for six days. Selvin makes sure his coffee is being separated and stored accordingly. Every day during the harvest he cleans his depulper, sacks, baskets and the patio. “Our family has been growing coffee from generation to generation. From our grandparents to our children today everyone has been part of the love for growing coffee. I grew up learning about the production and was eventually given the administration of the farm”, Selvin explains.


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